Best Camp with Fernanda Prates 35: Phoenix Carnevale’s X-Factor

Phoenix Carnevale talks about being a woman in the MMA industry, mastering the art of the super short interview, and much more.

Broadcaster, MMA commentator, actress, and fitness professional Phoenix Carnevale joins Fernanda to talk about her history in martial arts, the challenge of getting a short interview right, being a woman in the MMA industry, and a lot more. Listen here or check out the embed below!

Carnevale was very real about the challenges of the super-short interview on the show:

“There’s a couple of things that are really important… the challenge already is that they really can’t be too long.” She said.

“Yeah, so they have to be like three minutes. So you don’t really get you don’t really get the process of screening out what’s going to be interesting… So I know that if I have like 90 seconds before the camera comes on, I’m trying to be your friend. I’m trying to get to know you. I’m trying to get to know the way your personality is.

“So do I have to play up the fact that you’re like stern and serious about this fight then ask you something that’s going to roll that part of you up? Or do I know you’re kind of fun and loose and so I have to get that about you in like 90 seconds before the red light goes on?”


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