Best Camp of My Life with Fernanda Prates: Making of With Megan Olivi

Fernanda speaks with UFC broadcaster Megan Olivi about the UFC, covering MMA, and the public spotlight.

In the sixth episode of Best Camp of My Life, Fernanda is joined by world-famous sports broadcaster Megan Olivi to talk about Megan’s career trajectory, the unique challenges of live television, the unyielding eye of public focus, and much more. You can listen to it here, or check out the embed below!

During the show, Olivi spoke candidly about public perception and what’s actually involved in her job. “I won’t mention names but people actually involved with our organization thought that when I was doing those hits [speaking about fighters during a broadcast] that somebody was in my ear telling me what to say, and then I was repeating that.”

“And yeah… I was like ‘no!’ and then they’re like, ‘where’s your teleprompter?’ You don’t have them, you know! Same thing for the desk, they’re like, ‘well they just tell you what to ask on the desk right? And you just ask him?'” She related.

She laughed and added an emphatic “No!”

“I don’t mean that in a bad way, I probably felt the exact same before I worked in television. I think when… unfortunately that’s sort of like the common denominator. People think that, ‘Oh, they’re just telling her’ or they’re just, ‘oh John’s notes are all prepared for him and he doesn’t broadcast,’ you know, ‘with Daniel Cormier’s Telestrator they just pick what he’s gonna do’ — no, Daniel goes through fights and he picks those clips.

“He picks exactly what he wants to tell, he practices it. We put in so much effort that I think… like you said, because you do it well, it’s kind of not noticed. It is, but it’s not.

“It’s not the same thing as messing up, where everybody in the world will tell you no! So, I don’t think anyone… If you don’t work in the industry maybe has the appreciation or the understanding of effort, or mental exhaustion that [occurs at] the end of the night because of what we’re doing.”


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