Review: That $5 Burger King Meal Where You Probably Won’t Win a PS5

Odds are you won't receive Sony's latest console, so here's a look at what you do get instead.

Ah, yes. The next generation of consoles is almost upon us. I’m very excited, too. You can tell as I have both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pre-ordered. This isn’t just about me, though. With less than a month to go, Sony has started to ramp up promotion for its PlayStation 5 to a less die hard audience — to those who may need to be swayed toward one $500 game console over another.

The company is off to a roaring start with its marketing plans. Sony recently entered into a partnership with the most historically video game aligned fast food company in America, Burger King, to jump ship from the era of Sneak King and promote the PlayStation 5. Anyone who buys Burger King’s “2 for $5” meal, or any other qualifying meal over $5 through the Burger King app, website, or participating restaurants is eligible to win themselves a free bit of next-gen hardware.

This kind of promotion shouldn’t come as a surprise. Microsoft had a promotional partnership with Taco Bell for a Limited Edition Platinum Xbox One X back in 2018, and is currently doing the same for Xbox Series X. I participated in that Xbox promotion, myself, but unfortunately wasn’t ever able to win that gorgeous Platinum rectangle, no matter how many Quesaritos I ate or trips to the bathroom I took.

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The Burger King 2 for $5 meal, however, can consist of four items: a Whopper, Big Fish Sandwich, Original Chicken Sandwich, and nine piece Chicken Fries set. You can choose to mix and match two of these items, subsequently paying $5 plus tax.

The experience of ordering through the Burger King app or website in our current age really depends on where you live. The location closest to me for delivery was only offering smaller items like shakes and chicken nuggets. The next closest eatery wasn’t delivering at all, and I was only given the option to pick up my order from the drive-thru window. So I really had no choice but to head out and go to my closest Burger King location if I wanted that 2 for $5 meal.

It’s very important to note here that we are (unsurprisingly still) in the midst of a deadly pandemic. So it’s not the smartest idea to do in-restaurant pickup — not at a goddamn Burger King of all places. I’m not even sure if any Burger King restaurants are doing that in-store. The one I went to sure as hell wasn’t. So, as always, when picking up your food from the drive-thru window, wear your mask!

Anyway, I ordered all four items twice. The Whopper is of course the signature Burger King sandwich and… I guess it’s okay? There’s really nothing special about it, now that I try it with the distance of quarantine limiting my options for so long.

burger king playstation 5
The PS5 isn’t out yet which means they just paid actors to hug an empty box.

I know that marketing photos aren’t representative of the actual sandwich. There are tons of different variables that can go into making it, but something about the Whopper looks particularly pathetic in real life. With a name like Whopper, you’d think it’d at least trade on being some kind of oversized behemoth of a hamburger. It’s anything but.

Next up was the Big Fish Sandwich. This item resides in a similar realm as the Whopper. It’s just a regular-ass fish sandwich. There’s nothing special about it that you can’t get anywhere else, like McDonald’s Fillet O’ Fish sandwich. Similar to the Whopper, it also looks pathetic compared to the photos used in marketing materials. At the very least, “Big Fish Sandwich” feels less evocative than “Whopper,” leaving expectations closer to reality.

We now have the Original Chicken Sandwich. This one is noticeably longer than both the Whopper and Big Fish Sandwich due to the shape of its bun. Unless you don’t like chicken, I would suggest this as any prospective PlayStation 5 winner’s first choice in the 2 for $5 meal. It just seems to have more “food” quantity wise. Now that I think about it, how come neither this item nor the Whopper does not come with cheese as a default? Why does cheese cost extra? That’s ridiculous.

Lastly, we have the nine piece Chicken Fries. It’s in my humble and correct opinion that regular Burger’s King French fries kind of suck… So I guess the Chicken Fries are a good alternative. Nine Chicken Fries isn’t that bad a deal, actually, but I would have liked it to be in the double digits. Twelve somehow sounds like a nice, round number. The Chicken Fries taste crisp enough, despite their mathematical unpleasantness, for a fast food restaurant. However, they feel like more of a snack than part of an actual meal — leading back to the primary issue. The 2 for $5 meal doesn’t actually feel like much of a meal.

burger king review
I just think that’s kinda weird. Isn’t that weird?

The real value obviously isn’t in your food, though. It’s in the chance to win a PS5 for one percent of the usual cost. The process to enter the giveaway is pretty frictionless. If you went with drive-thru, just open up the Burger King app on your phone and click on “enter receipt.” You’ll be prompted to enter the restaurant code, order number, time, and amount spent — all of which can be found on your receipt. It’s very important that you keep said receipt.

After the app verifies your purchase, a token is added to your account. You can actually choose to redeem this token right away, or do it later. By redeeming it, you’re then sent to a page where you must scratch off a virtual ticket to check if you won the upcoming game console or not. You probably won’t. However, you can also win other prizes like PS5 game codes or other Burger King coupons. That way you can, you know, buy more Burger King.

I entered this giveaway three times and, surprise! I didn’t win a single damn thing. If you’re feeling particularly desperate because you failed to pre-order a PS5 due to how chaotic that whole process was, though, you could certainly do worse than eating Burger King. You could in fact eat at Taco Bell. The promotion ends on Nov. 22. Good luck, gamers.

P.S. Burger King if I do win a PlayStation 5 I will rewrite this review and give the promotion unconditional praise.


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