Dosti Ka Naya Maidan Episode 2 Review: Gamer Abuse

Another episode of the PUBG Mobile TV series has a very odd "message" for viewers.

After a downright agonizing three-week wait, Dosti Ka Naya Maiden Episode two hit the YouTube airwaves early this morning. The PUBG Mobile live-action series began on Christmas day with its first episode amassing a cool 3.5 million views in no time at all. It was surprisingly decent, and you can read all about why here. But episode two may be a bit of a culture shock for us non-Indian viewers.

This second episode takes us far away from the college dorm antics of a squad struggling to find their fourth man. Instead, we’re introduced to backward-cat Tommy. Or Daaku Daddy. Or sometimes even Chutter Singh Ahluwalia. Who knows at this point, honestly. The important thing is that this loud-mouthed young man is a steamer. Oh, and his dad beats him. It’s essentially PUBG Mobile x Stars Align is what I’m trying to say here.

PUBG Mobile Dosti Ka Naya Maidan episode 2

After bottling a no-scope one of his viewers paid good money to see and getting killed by John Wick, Tommy’s dad slaps the crap out of him for a reason I had to go back to remind myself of at the end. Tommy’s equally loud squadmates, presumably playing from the comfort of their less abusive households, wonder how Mr. Bigshot could have missed his big shot. They’re disappointed they won’t be able to buy new smartphones. Nothing else exists in their world.

But then we get a nice retro rewind complete with that ear-piercing sound back to the moment of humiliation. It was the face-melting whack of Tommy’s dad’s hardworking palms that caused the legendary Baba Yaga to get the better of him. Mr. Wick was about to meet his match until a swift slap saved his money-making life.

Cutting back to the present and Tommy’s dad is pissed that his backward-cap son wouldn’t drop his killstreak to answer a delivery. We’ve all been there. Tommy calls for his dear mommy to protect him from the consequences of his actions, father of the year calls her out for doing zumba all day, and he ultimately ends up on the phone with one of Tommy’s friends who attempts to take the blame. The friend’s dad then beats the snot out of his kid, too. With its odd presentation of serious subject matter, I’m starting to see why this isn’t on TV.

PUBG Mobile Dosti Ka Naya Maidan episode 2

Tommy’s parents don’t understand PUBG Mobile. They don’t want to hear their son talk about his future as a streamer. The dad ropes Tommy into swapped the cap for a turban and helping out with the family tile business he jeopardized by not answering the door. Instead, Tommy locks all the employees out of the warehouse and sneakily turns the inventory computer into his stream den. He’s a good kid.

Over at the sweets shop, PUBG Mobile pros MortaL and Dynamo make guest appearances and urge Tommy to get naked. It’s to help the channel grow, apparently, and it’s not the last we hear about the publicity stunt. His squadmates at this point are attempting to qualify for the PUBG Mobile Faridabad Championship get a round in on a staircase. Again, they come up with the genius idea of using their potential prize money on new smartphones, which is basically the equivalent of a footballer playing to win more shoes.

Tommy’s dad then goes to another sweets shop which just happens to be owned by Abusive Dad #2 — who, sick of hearing the man gloat about his changed son, points out that he’s been streaming from the work PC. Now back at home on a beautiful outside deck, Abusive Dad #1 beats his son some more while his mom finally stops taking his side. The mamma’s boy, having disappointed said mamma, finally vows to uninstall PUBG Mobile and devote himself to the family business.

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PUBG Mobile episode 2

Until Ms. Nehaha-hehe-hoohoo, an Instagram influencer who Tommy’s dad hired to cut the ribbon of his new tile shop, reveals herself to be Daaku Daddy’s biggest fan. It was her who paid Tommy to take the shot that gave John Wick his five minutes of PUBG Mobile fame. Funny how that worked out!

Anyway, she somehow ends up going off about how T-Series beat Pewdiepie, how Tommy could be the next Pewds, and how he was actually missing his slot at the PUBG Mobile Faridabad Championship by standing around waiting for her to cut that damn ribbon. And thus, after learning of the prize money involved, Tommy’s dad threatens to beat his son once more unless he runs through the surrounding crowd to get an inspiring Hollywood freeze frame as he jogs to the championship.

Overall, Dosti Ka Naya Maidan episode seems to imply that we should beat kids until they earn us money… It’s a slightly bizarre turn in a slightly bizarre show. At this rate, the next episode will just reveal that this is secretly the next season of Fargo.

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