GCW Jimmy Lloyd’s Halloween FrightFest Recap and Review

Jimmy Lloyd has promised us a FuckFest, a word I don’t know if I’m allowed to use on this website. GCW delivered with plenty of tricks, a few treats, and a lengthy Teddy Hart speech to cap it all off. Here’s a rundown of the inaugural FrightFest.

Christian vs Lucky 13

Lucky’s jean capris (japris?) and studded belt were an early contender for fit of the night. The high flying stuff here was particularly good; in an early moment, Christian dove onto Lucky in the crowd, taking out some of the audience, but it’s GCW so they barely noticed. Lucky 13 attempted to match him later, flipping off the top turnbuckle, but landing on the chair when Blake moved. There were some hard hitting moments as well, letting Blake show he’s capable of keeping up with any style. Blake ultimately got the win, but the crowd applauded both men as they each left. Really fun opener.

Verdict: Blake’s finisher bangs harder than maybe anything I’ve ever seen.

Jordan Oliver vs Chris Dickinson

Dickinson got on the mic and ran down Oliver for being disrespectful and having a haircut I haven’t seen since 2006. He even played the promo Oliver posted on Twitter, an experience that was a lot of second hand embarrassment for everyone involved. As soon as the match actually started Dickinson tore into the kid, slapping him around the building and even spitting on him at one point. Oliver finally began to land some offense after getting out of a submission, but Dickinson didn’t stay down for long. Despite Jordan’s best snotty attempts at high school insults, the Dirty Daddy sent him through a door, giving him a few extra stomps over the wood for good measure.

Verdict: Who among us has not thought of throwing a 20 year old man into a door?

Matt Tremont vs Atticus Cogar

Tony Deppen was unable to come to the show due to travel issues, so Tremont issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Atticus Cogar took the invitation, pairing his Rickey Shane Page t shirt with the mask Dwight wore in the Staying Alive scene in The Office. Tremont started strong, throwing Cogar around. Tremont choked him for his crimes against fashion (suspenders), but Cogar came back and delivered some chair shots directly to Tremont’s forehead, which are always fun and not at all terrifying to see. Cogar then sent him through the door twice to score a quick win, much to the displeasure of everyone in the building.

Verdict: Goths still have rights.

Effy vs Shlak

Effy immediately used the spiked jacket, throwing it across Shlak’s face and raining down punches. Shlak quickly started bleeding, because fashion is pain and he suffers for the art. After turning things around with some quick hits, Shlak brought out the plastic bag and a shank, giving them cute matching forehead wounds. Effy jerked off while Shlak was choking him, which managed to give him the power to get out of the hold, since he’s Effy and that’s how his life works. Things broke down pretty quickly after that, both men putting each other through all the boards and chairs available. This hit the level of blood where I start to think about finding interests like biking or scrapbooking or anything that doesn’t involve wondering how long it takes to pick pieces of wood out of your skin. Shlak won by driving Effy through a pane of glass, which was a metaphor for breaking boundaries and forging your own path or something, probably.

Verdict: No gods no daddies just lots of blood left on the mat.

Tye Hill vs. Matt Demorest vs Ophidian vs KTB vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Colby Corino

A lot going on here. Fun multi-man spots with everybody getting a second to shine. KTB pulled off some cool strong guy stuff, like when he suplexed Colby Carino, Colby Corino’s beard, and Ophidian at the same time. Joey Janela was on commentary talking about his dick tingling and highlighting Demorest training at Chikara (shoutout Mike Quackenbush.) Tye Hill did a 630 onto somebody on the outside and busted his face open. KTB ultimately won the match by throwing Sanchez through a door.

Verdict: This was about getting your shit in and some girl hitting on Janela, both of which seemed to go pretty successfully.

Ruckus vs Nick Gage (c)

Ruckus smoked two blunts during his entrance, and Nick Gage came out smiling like a kid on Christmas. This was immediately my favorite match of the night. Ruckus attacked with a cheap shot, knocking the bandana out of Gage. He hit an impressive somersault onto Gage in the audience as Teddy Hart stood on the bar and watched, possibly with a cat (we couldn’t see on the stream). Robbie Merino kept getting involved on behalf of Ruckus, but Gage felt the MDK coursing through his veins and took out both men at once. Ruckus had the upper hand and climbed to the top rope, but the lights went black. Atticus Cogar came out, fumbled at the bar, and blew a fireball for some reason. The lights came back on to reveal Rickey Shane Page, who attacked Gage then scampered off into the night. The match was declared a no contest, as Gage attempted to chase a moving car down the streets of Philly.

Verdict: Nick Gage, I’m free on Thursday and would like to hang out.

Alex Zayne vs Rich Swann

It’s Alex Zayne’s birthday, which makes him a Scorpio, and suddenly I’m rooting for Swann to win here. Both men looked really evenly matched for much of this, hitting simultaneous moves on a few occasions. The back and forth between them worked great, neither man managing to get the upper hand for the majority of the match. The crowd was behind them both as well, even after Zayne came out with his hair dyed like that. Swann landed some impressive athleticism, including a great hard cutter. But it was Zayne who dove from the balcony to get the pin, as the crowd prayed they were not about to witness a man die on his birthday.

Verdict: Alex Zayne survives another day to live más.

Jimmy Lloyd vs Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi was on fire out of the gate, taking Lloyd through the crowd and slamming the FrightFest father with multiple chair shots. Lloyd fought back as she tried to do some chair decorating, but Shotzi managed Sliced Bread #2 on the apron off the ring post, then even drove some skewers into Lloyd’s head. She dug a pizza box full of thumbtacks out from under the ring, which I guess is a metaphor for the quality of Philly food. Lloyd sent Shotzi into the tacks, she retaliated by calling for a weed whacker. I love random ass weapons like that, because nothing is funnier than imagining a wrestler purchasing a home improvement item. After going through some more glass, Lloyd defeated Blackheart with a running powerbomb through the door.

Verdict: Man, does this make me wish we could see more of Shotzi in GCW.

Lloyd ended the show by thanking Blackheart and wishing her good luck as she moves to NXT and starts a WWE career. But, you know, without mentioning any of that stuff. The two then butted heads, which is maybe as cutesy as wrestlers get. And that’s our Halloween show!

Jimmy Lloyd’s FrightFest can be watched on FITE.tv VOD. Big thanks to @mrLARIATO for letting us use his gifs.

GCW Jimmy Lloyd's FrightFest


A wholesome bloody time.

  • Entrance way was the bar
  • Huge pop for the weed whacker
  • The woman who didn't want to give Shotzi her chair is braver than anyone I've ever met
  • Teddy Hart's promo
  • Nice varied use of props- gusset board, glass, 800 doors
  • While it was a lot for my personal preference, felt like they didn't overdo it too much on the blood.
  • The RSP reveal didn't really work, DQ title match ending fell flat
  • Tremont/Cogar was super short, although it looked like Tremont may have unfortunately gotten injured
  • Teddy Hart's drugged cat


born on a ranch in texas, raised by cowboys. don't fact check this.

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