You can play Battlefield 1 as a pigeon

In movies and games about war, it’s easy to fall into a single perspective of telling just one side of a conflict. To circumvent this, EA DICE has said early and often that its upcoming World War I-themed shooter, Battlefield 1, would situate players behind multiple characters over the course of its single-player campaign, from British soldiers to Saudi nomads. One of those unsung points of view, it turns out, is that of a messenger pigeon.

Also called homing pigeons, these selectively-bred birds were used to relay messages across battlefields in both World Wars. More than 100,000 messenger pigeons were pressed into service during WWI, mainly by British, U.S., and French forces. One messenger pigeon is credited with saving 200 men at the 1918 Battle of Argonne, and she even has her own Wikipedia page. It makes sense then that Battlefield 1 might showcase one of these birds alongside noteworthy human regiments like the Harlem Hellfighters!

In a short flight sequence in the video below, captured by MathChief, British tank driver Edwards is tasked with releasing a pigeon to alert his countrymen that his tank and crew are stuck en route to Cambrai, after which perspective switches to the actual pigeon flying over the battlefield. The sounds of gun and tank fire fade away to a sentimental score, and (as Kotaku’s Heather Alexandra notes) it is pretty maudlin, but nevertheless effective! We could as yet see a pretty respectful single-player campaign out of Battlefield 1, if there end up being more little touches like this.

Battlefield 1 is due out October 21st for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

(h/t Kotaku.)