World War 1 history buffs do a shot-by-shot breakdown of the Battlefield 1 trailer

The Great War, or World War 1, is considered the dawn of modern warfare. It’s also routinely held up as a particularly brutal and tragic event, which has led some critics to call EA DICE’s choice of subject matter with Battlefield 1 inappropriate — while others, like our own Robert Rath, have argued it can actually help introduce a new generation to its history.

Following in that vein, this fantastic video analysis by Youtube channel The Great War goes through the entire Battlefield 1 trailer to test it for accuracy, identifying everything down to the tiniest details of soldiers’ helmets and uniforms. It’s a staggering amount of information that should help anyone appreciate the amount of effort that goes into the visuals of a big-budget game, even if at times the designers fudge some of the details for aesthetic or gameplay purposes.

(h/t Polygon.)