Watch: What is State of Mind?

Transhumanism. Depending on who you ask, it’s the natural evolution of humanity or Rapture for the Silicon Valley set. It also forms the basis of many a cyberpunk adventure, as it asks questions on what, really, makes someone human, and what the limits should be on humanity’s embrace of cybernetics and machines.

State of Mind is an upcoming third-person action game from Daedalic Entertainment, a German studio best known for Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. Due out later this year, State of Mind sees players in the role of Richard Nolan, a journalist who wakes up in a hospital after an explosion to find both his wife and child missing. Suspecting that his family have “become more than just bystanders in a storm of rivaling ideas pertaining [to] humankind’s salvation between dystopian reality and digital utopia,” Richard does what all good journalist-protagonists who find themselves in cyberpunk games do: he sets off in search of answers.

Can State of Mind measure up to its grand ideas? We’ll know for sure when it releases later this year.

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