Watch: Learn how to survive the wasteland in Fallout 76’s new Vault-Tec spots

As usual with its Fallout games, at Sunday night’s E3 presser Bethesda unveiled a series of new ‘informational shorts’ for its upcoming online multiplayer game, Fallout 76. Now you can once again learn and be entertained at the same time! Thanks, Bethesda.

Here’s the first short, setting up the multiplayer, which can be both co-op and competitive, as well as avatar emotes, customization, a fleet of non-combat activities we can look forward to, and oh yes — giant sloths:

In the second short, we get a look at Fallout 76’s homesteading and base-building mode, which is a beefed up version of what we previously sunk a few hundred hours into in Fallout 4. Also, giant bats:

In the third and final Vault-Tec short, we have an introduction to one of Fallout 76’s new additions, nuclear launch codes. Yes: you and your friends can find fragments of nuclear missile codes on the bodies of enemies that, when combined and entered at an appropriate nuclear bunker, will allow you to literally nuke another settlement. Because why should we learn from the mistakes of the past?

There will no doubt be even more spots like these as we near Fallout 76’s (less fatal) launch this November 14th.