Watch: Get ready for a robot apocalypse road trip in ReCore

ReCore hasn’t been getting a lot of buzz, but it looks like an honestly fun adventure platformer game, in which you traverse a hostile desert with the help of some plucky robotic companions. It’s what Keiji Inafune’s Comcept studio has been working on when it hasn’t been preparing the giant trainwreck that became of Mighty No. 9, and you gotta admit, it’s looking a lot better than its brethren.

What strikes me most about ReCore‘s launch trailer (above), however, is how it seems to evoke a littler-known CGI movie which came out a few years back, 9. You know, the one starring Elijah Wood as a post-apocalyptic ragdoll granted sapience by an absentee inventor. Tell me you don’t get a similar vibe in this trailer’s voice-over, in which the protagonist’s father explains the gifts he’s left behind to make rampaging death machines into affable, weirdly-cuddly robot companions.

(Anyway what I’m saying is you should go and watch 9.)

ReCore arrives September 13th as an exclusive for Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One.