Watch: For Honor Breach mode hands-on

For its coming eighth season, For Honor is getting a major facelift.

Due out this October, the new “Breach” mode adds a whole new map and new team strategies to the game. Two teams of four players face off to defend or break through castle defenses, with the ultimate goal of protecting or slaying that castle’s king. Most matches last under 30 minutes and are designed to test players’ tactical acumen, as the breaching team first attempts to break down the castle’s outer gate, then guard a powerful battering ram, before finally pouring into the castle’s interior to chop the king to bits. While all this is happening, the defending team has use of the castle ramparts, which includes access to a ballista and giant fire cauldrons to rain hot molten death on the invading team. 

Attacking players get a total of 25 lives before they’re out of the battle for good, while defending players can’t lose until their king is dead. This is great news for us, because we really suck at For Honor.

Breach mode comes to the game with October’s “Marching Fire” update. But that’s not all: from now until June 18th, the base game is free (yay) on Uplay (aww).

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