Watch: Come on down to Donut County

Few games have experienced as much build-up and hype as Donut County. Formerly known as Kuchina, this indie game in which you play as a hole in the ground absorbing everyday objects (sort of like a reverse-Katamari Damacy) began life as a joke idea at Molyjam, an annual game jam inspired by Peter Molyneux, the hyperbolic creator of Black & White and Fable.

If that sounds like too many reference points to parse, don’t worry. At its core, Donut County is a refreshingly simple concept, executed with a high degree of polish. While it may’ve started as a joke, developer Ben Esposito has spent serious time — six years! — crafting Donut County into a delightful, highly original puzzle game. Now finally approaching release, Donut County is expected to land on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and iOS before the year is out.

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