Tyler: Model-005 is like a tiny, British ReCore

We could all do with a few more cute robots in our lives. Robots, after all, are the greatest thing ever, and stories where little lost robots try to track down their absentee creators, even moreso. It’s like a metaphor for broken childhood, but with a rusty aftertaste.

That’s where Tyler: Model-005 comes in, a recently-launched Kickstarter project about a brave little toaster that could, if said toaster were a tiny, foul-mouthed robot obsessed with cosplay. Set in a sort of quasi-alternate-1950s, this 3D platformer sees you scaling household and underground environments in search of your missing progenitor, and looking shiny while doing so. Look at this little fire hazard:


A collaboration between Reversed Interactive and Victoria Publishing, Tyler: Model-005 is seeking $20,000 through Kickstarter and already has a playable demo you can take for a spin for yourself. It’s on Steam Greenlight as well.