The Battlefield 1 open beta is up and running. Here’s how to get started

The Battlefield 1 beta is currently in the midst of expanding to all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While it copes with the increased server load, you can still take this opportunity to download and install the game, the sooner to get into that World War I action yourself.

  • PlayStation 4 users: download from here if you’re in North America and here if you’re in Europe. You do not need a PlayStation Plus account to get started.
  • Xbox One users: download the beta here. You do need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play.
  • PC players: download EA’s Origin client if you haven’t already and head on over to the Free Games section, where you’ll find it under “betas.”

Be advised that the whole download is about six gigabytes regardless of platform, so if you’re short on space, consider tidying up the hard drive before diving in.

Once you’re in the game (and provided the servers behave), EA has sponsored a series of short, bombastic Battlefield 1 boot camp” video guides to help you get started. They range from a basic overview of squad-based combat to a look at some of the finer techniques you may find handy while tearing up the Sinai desert.

Incidentally, if you can’t get through over the server load: just be patient! There will be plenty of time to explore the beta ahead of Battlefield 1‘s full release on October 21st.