Survive World of Warcraft’s ‘Emerald Nightmare’ with this definitive guide

Legion is World of Warcraft‘s best-selling expansion since Cataclysm. Critics and fans alike are loving it, but with all the new quests, bosses, an expanded level cap, and much much more, what’s a returning WoW player to do?

Fortunately, the good folks at our sister site Wowhead have the exhaustive guides you need. We’ve already written about Wowhead’s Legion starter guide; here, I’d like to draw your attention to its equally definitive Emerald Nightmare guide, covering all the raid’s particulars as well as Mythic+ dungeons, keystones, and more!

And hey: did you know Wowhead throws a party each year at BlizzCon? It’s free and you can RSVP here. We hope to see you there!