Surprise! Rhythm hell Thumper is releasing TODAY

Originally slated to launch later this week, indie ‘rhythm violence game’ Thumper has decided to go ahead and jump the gun, releasing simultaneously today on Steam and PlayStation VR.

When we heard earlier this year Thumper would be headed to PlayStation VR, I said I could think of no game better suited for the platform. Thumper is unquestionably one of the most exciting small titles of 2016. Developed by Guitar Hero and Rock Band alumni, this is a music game less about creating harmony and more about doing violence to your SKULL, hurtling yourself down a knife’s edge track toward near-certain annihilation as the primal dark parts of your id loom over you from above. It’s like Dyad on an acid trip gone terrifyingly wrong.

No, I am not overselling this. Thumper hits you right in the chest, and it’s great. I highly suggest picking this one up. If you’re still not sold, have a look at the trailer below:

Thumper unlocks today on Steam and PlayStation Network at 3pm Pacific Time (6pm Eastern). Though it’s undoubtedly a treat on PSVR, you can play it on a normal screen as well — however, I’d certainly recommend some headphones and a controller with force feedback, either way.