Street Fighter V’s June update pushed to July, but we’re getting Balrog

Capcom’s next Street Fighter V story mode update and character DLC, Ibuki, keeps getting delayed. We were first told to expect her in May, then June — now, only a few days left to the month, Capcom has pushed the release back to July 1st. Ouch.

But there’s a silver lining here: Ibuki won’t be alone when she joins the Street Fighter V roster next month. American boxer Balrog will be joining the ranks as well, and comes with a new reveal trailer (above) to boot.

The timing is notable, with one of the most anticipated fighting game tournaments, Evo, just around the corner. Tournament organizer Joey Cuellar has confirmed that both Ibuki and Balrog will be legal — that is, playable under the tournament’s rules — when the event kicks off in Las Vegas in two weeks. You can expect to see a lot of excitement around Balrog in particular, and not just because of a certain high-level player who shares his moniker.

(via Capcom Unity.)