Street Fighter V’s best character costume will soon be available to all players

The big news in Street Fighter V today is that the upcoming new story mode lets you play as all six of the downloadable characters — but nevermind that. The real lead story is that Street Fighter V‘s best character skin, previously accessible only as a preorder bonus, will now be available to all players willing to drop a little cash.

Affectionately dubbed “Hot Ryu” by fans, this alternate character costume for series mainstay Ryu has been the subject of discussion since his reveal last year. If ZAM’s current editorial focus had existed at the time, we almost definitely would have produced a thirsty video about him. Look at those large, sensitive eyes, the way his beard softens his jawline, the way his chest says that, yes, he’ll chop the firewood and make breakfast for you… Don’t you just want to curl up on the couch and cuddle with a hunk of that?

Hot Ryu is one of several “premium battle costumes” arriving in Street Fighter V‘s in-game store later this month. He’s $3.99, and unfortunately can only be purchased with real money, not the game’s play store money doled out for completing things like story mode. You can learn more about the upcoming update over on Capcom Unity.

(h/t Eurogamer.)