So that just happened: Miyamoto appears at Apple conference to announce Mario for iOS

Just moments ago at Apple’s annualized new-iPhone-bits-and-bobs conference in San Francisco, Nintendo big cheese Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on stage to announce Super Mario Run for iOS. By all appearances, it’s an endless runner with Mario!

(You know, like fans have been hacking together for years, except less likely to get served a takedown notice.)

Details on Super Mario Run as we learn them:

  • Paid app (not free-to-play with in-app purchases)
  • Automatic runner, of the style we’re all well-accustomed with
  • Three gameplay modes:
    • A standard automatic running mode with predesigned courses
    • A competitive mode called “Toad Rally,” where you play against other players for a high score (source)
    • A design mode to create your own courses
  • It’s already listed on the App Store
  • Due out December of this year for iPhone and iOS, with an Android version to follow

Here’s the app in action, via Nintendo’s mobile division: