So here’s how that Metal Gear zombie game actually plays

Metal Gear SurVive — a name I still can’t type without breaking into giggles — can be most charitably described as an irreverent recycling of Metal Gear Solid V‘s assets into a co-op survival game. We got a taste of this in the announcement trailer last month, but now we have some actual gameplay footage, fresh from the Tokyo Game Show.

The video above is fully narrated (and subtitled, don’t worry) as we’re walked through a typical co-op mission. The basic mechanics are held over from MGSV, just redeployed here with a quick reskin. For instance, instead of Fultoning your knocked out enemies, you summon a small wormhole to suck defeated zombies away for, uh, resources? Resources.

After a position is secured, we switch to defense mode, which is where the game more closely resembles other zombie survival games. Attack waves, improvised defenses, magic wormhole supply drops, it’s all here.

Not gonna lie, it looks weird as heck, the way SurVive just recycles the Fultoning animation from the real game, meaning the first enemy in the gameplay video gets sucked into the wormhole ass-first… But whatever, you gotta admire the sheer brazenness with which Konami is showing off its own asset flipping. And if you leave aside the silly narrative explanations, it’s actually a pretty clever way of squeezing the most out of MGSV’s richly designed systems and open world, with new missions, enemy horde behaviors, and (of course) a bunch of weird shit you can craft. You gotta have crafting.

Metal Gear SurVive is expected in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.