Seven games we hope will eventually make it to the Switch

Two weeks ago, Nintendo finally revealed details for the company’s newest console — Nintendo Switch — and showed off both its features and the games players can expect to see around launch and later this year.

The presentation, however, was light in the games department. Sure, Switch is launching with a new Zelda title (something the Wii U won’t get until, well, the same day), a new Mario game this holiday, and some new IPs, but it’s still not quite the launch barrage of releases that it could be. So, with the Switch finally out of the bag, here’s some Nintendo franchises we’d like to see hit the system.

Animal Crossing

The Wii U never got a proper Animal Crossing title — we won’t even talk about Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival  — making it the first Nintendo console since the series started that hasn’t gotten a new iteration of the popular life-simulation series.

All hasn’t been completely quiet in Nook’s corner of the woods though: The 3DS’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf did just get an update last fall in the form of the Welcome amiibo edition. But that’s just not the same as having a whole new Animal Crossing title to dive into and explore.

So, now with the Switch, it’s time to see just that: a totally new, fully fledged Animal Crossing. I don’t need my social life. I need a new Animal Crossing.


Another one of Nintendo’s main franchises that skipped the Wii U, Metroid hasn’t had a proper mainline title since the Wii’s Metroid: Other M in 2010.

Sure, the 3DS saw a spin-off title in last year’s Metroid Prime: Federation Force, but seven years is a long time to let Samus sit in slumber.  Hopefully she’ll make a return on the Switch. Those Metroid aren’t going to hunt themselves.


We’ve heard talks about Pikmin 4, but haven’t seen any footage, or any indication as to which console Miyamoto’s alien strategy game could take root on next. Both the GameCube and Wii U got new Pikmin titles, and even the 3DS is set to get a weird-looking Pikmin platforming title later this year, so hopefully we’ll see something on the Switch. 

However, I’m skeptical that the 3DS title is actually Pikmin 4, and if it isn’t, it fits that Pikmin 4 will instead show up in some form on the Switch, given the series tendency for home-console systems.  But just like the gap between Pikmin 2 and 3, fans could be waiting a while for this one.

Golden Sun

The Nintendo 3DS was a ripe platform for JRPGs, yet for some reason Nintendo’s own Golden Sun series never saw the light of day. The last game in the series — Golden Sun: Dark Dawn — was released on the DS in 2010, and also ended in a cliffhanger, leaving fans waiting to find out just what’s going on in Weyard.

Series developers Camelot have kept pumping out Mario sports titles for Nintendo, but they’ve left Golden Sun in the dark. Sure, it’s traditionally been a handheld franchise, but the Switch is also part portable, so there’s no reason the series couldn’t make a return on Nintendo’s new hardware. Please.

Dillon’s Rolling Western

One of Nintendo’s 3DS eShop new IPs, Dillon’s Rolling Western was, as its name implies, a Western themed game where Dillon had to protect cities from incoming attackers with the use of towers and his own spinning armadillo body.  And yeah, it was a lot of fun.

It got a sequel in 2013 — Dillon’s Rolling Western The Last Ranger — and Dillon also showed up in the most recent Smash Bros. games as an assist trophy.  But it’s time for Dillon to make another jump. Bring Dillon to the Switch, and let’s make Dillon’s saga at least a trilogy.

Mario Party

Nintendo is really hammering home the local co-op play that the Switch can offer, and what better way to really show that off than one of the kings of couch multiplayer gaming?

The Switch has a bunch of different control options, especially with the Joy-Con controllers, which gives Nintendo a lot of room for coming up with new minigames.  Mario Party could also further show off the portable party possibilities of the Switch, similar to what Nintendo is using Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition and 1-2-Switch to demonstrate now.

More new IPs

Sure, this last one might be cheating a bit, but as important as the classics are, Nintendo also needs to make sure to remember to create new experiences, as well. 

Splatoon was one of the Wii U’s breakout hits, and the Switch is already getting a wave of new IPs this year with Arms, 1-2-Switch, and Snipperclips. But what about after that? The Wii was known for its Wii-series of games like Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Wii Fit that crossed genres, while on the other hand the Wii U really struggled in terms of new IPs. 

Hopefully Nintendo has taken the lack of new IPs on the Wii U to heart. We never know what the next Pikmin, Luigi’s Mansion, or Splatoon will be until we play it, and hopefully the Switch will see Nintendo revisiting old franchises, while bringing more new ones into the fold as well.