Rick and Morty VR is the best excuse for room scale VR

In general, it takes something special for VR to excite me, rather than make me throw up. Super Hyper Cube is one of those things, as was my experience with Resident Evil 7’s Kitchen demo here at PAX. But Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality is the first time I have been wowed by room-scale VR. It is magical.

My kind developer-in-attendance, Andrew Eiche, put me into the device, and there I was, in Rick’s garage. As a rather crappy “Morty clone” my first task was to grasp at dirty laundry, while Rick and Morty made fun of me. It was glorious.

Soon, I learned a warp maneuver, and not long after that, I was left alone in the garage, free to “Not touch anything” according to Rick, so, naturally, I threw everything that wasn’t nailed down to the bench. Most of the beakers shattered with a pleasing crash, and hell, there was even a laser gun.

I realize, now, that I was walking around an empty room in the real world, with a large chunk of plastic on my face, grinning like a child because I was walking around a cartoon room, throwing objects on the floor. Behold our glorious future.

The demo isn’t long, but it is long enough to get a taste — and what a tantalizing little nibble it is. Eiche succinctly wrapped up the appeal of the game to me after I took off the headset: “Have you ever wanted to fondle a plumbus while Rick screams at you? This is it!”

I also learned a little bit of wisdom from the dev team for dealing with the plumbus. In order to make it work, physically, in game, they divided it into two parts: the plenis and the planis.

Hey, that’s the attention to detail you want in a Rick and Morty game.

Virtual Rick-ality is early on, but it feels like something special. It’s fun and wacky and appropriately plunges you completely in a goofy world with beloved characters acting completely, well, in-character. It’s like a ride at Disneyland or Universal Studios, without all the other thousands of tourists in t-shirts ruining the vibe.

The game is in development for the HTC Vive. No release date has been announced yet.