ReCore gets a free demo post-launch, plus a major new patch

ReCore is a bright, visually attractive platformer/action game, albeit not the most finely polished example of the genre. Still, the folks behind it are putting in a solid effort to improve the experience, rolling out a major update as well as a new demo version to hopefully introduce new players to the game.

The demo covers the first 30 minutes of the game, introducing players to protagonist Joule and her initial robot companion Mack. Players who opt for the full, paid version after playing the demo will be able to carry over the progress.

Meanwhile, today’s patch is meant to address one of ReCore‘s biggest pain points: the long load times. There are also improvements to audio, performance, the waypoint system, checkpointing, respawn locations, collision locations, and achievement tracking. Gotta have those cheevos.

ReCore is available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. You can check out the story trailer (below) and our own hands-on impressions (above).