Race across the Italian coast (and talk politics) in Wheels of Aurelia

The video contains discussion of adult topics like abortion, so here’s your content warning.

Wheels of Aurelia lets you drive through beautiful, low-poly Italian seaside towns, race fascists, and talk politics with a number of colorful characters. Set across the backdrop of the politically-charged 70s, it’s a lady-buddy road trip with heart and purpose.

I particularly liked how the game captured the absurdities of real life. Like, of course my friend is going to bring up her fears and feelings about abortion when we’re trying to race some jerk for his car. Or, yeah, naturally, the cute hitchhiker we picked up is going to start talking about UFO’s. For a game as stylized — and devilishly stylish — as Wheels of Aurelia, it has a lot of grounding in reality.

It also has sharp writing and fantastic music.

The game is out today on steam, and will arrive on consoles on October 5th.