Quick Start Guide: The best skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Like any action-RPG worth its salt in 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 has a progression system and a skill tree. These upgrades will make Spidey a faster, meaner, and more efficient web-slinger. Using the skill tree will significantly help you in hand-to-hand fights,  while allowing you to get around New York City in style.

As skill trees go, it’s not terribly complex. Each level increase grants Spider-Man one skill point that can be spent in three different trees: Innovator Tree, Defender Tree, and Webslinger Tree. An important note about these trees: you don’t have to unlock an entire row of three to advance to the next one. You only have to unlock a single skill to make the skill below it available.

Here are the best skills to unlock early on in your journey, as well as the best skills to have for the endgame.

Early skills to unlock (1:01)

Defender Tree

Perfect Dodge: Press circle just as your spider sense turns blue to counter enemies with a Web Shot to the face. Generates bonus Focus.

Not only is the added focus a good thing, it gives you some breathing room in battle since it stuns enemies with firearms.

Webslinger Tree

Swing Kick: Hold square while in the air to Swing Kick enemies and send them flying.

This is useful when going hand-to-hand with groups. The Swing Kick keeps air combos going and separates you from enemies on the ground.

Air Marshal: Air attacks deal additional damage and generate more Focus.

You’ll spend most of the time in the air when taking on enemies. It eliminates any threat from enemies on the ground who don’t have guns. Getting more Focus from air attacks means more backup health and the ability to perform instant knockouts.

Quick Zip: Web Zip a second time without losing altitude

The Quick Zip helps speed up web travel. It’s also a must-have when taking on Taskmaster challenges that involve chasing drones.

Air Tricks (2:26): Hold triangle and circle and press the left stick in a direction to perform aerial tricks to earn extra Focus and XP.

Not only do these Air Tricks add some nice flair to your web swinging, they unlock an easy way to build XP. This is especially handy if you’re ever so close to leveling up and don’t want to do another mission.

Innovator Tree (2:47)

Hazard Zone: Web Throw knocks enemies down during the wind up, clearing the immediate area.

Early on, you’ll want to clear the combat area while you get used to the flow of combat. Hazard Zone helps do just that with ease. Throwing objects at enemies is also a popular side challenge during fight encounters, so you might as well get the most out of it.

The best skills in the game

Defender Column

Payback: Press triangle after Perfect Dodging rifle and pistol enemies for an instant takedown.

This is just as useful as a finishing move. Once you get into the groove of performing Perfect Dodges, you’ll eliminate enemies with firearms with a single button press.

Chain Finisher: Immediately perform a second finisher on basic enemies.

Getting two finishers for the price of one thins out crowds of enemies very quickly. Pair it with the suit ability that generates focus and you’ll eliminate entire groups of bad guys with ease. This is the final skill of the Defender section, so go for it as soon as you can.

Webslinger Column (4:08)

Blast Off: Air Launch attacks knock back nearby enemies.

Toward the middle and end of the game you’ll take on larger groups of stronger enemies. Since you’ll use the Air Launch attack so frequently, Blast Off is a great perk. It pushes back all enemies on the ground to give you time in the air to finish your combo. This is the final skill in the Webslinger category so invest in it early.

Point Launch Boost: Press X on contact with point to massively boost Point Launch Distance

This is a must-own when taking on Taskmaster’s drone challenges. Using the Point Launch Boost is the fastest way to traverse around the city.  

These are the best skills in the game, as well as the ones you should invest in early on. Use these abilities and you’ll take out New York City’s super-criminals in no time.