Professor Layton? No no, it’s Lady Layton now

The Professor Layton games are sort of the cutesier, child-friendlier cousins of the Ace Attorney series, with which they share a number of gameplay characteristics and even costarred in a (vastly underrated) crossover game. It’s said that the titular Professor Hershel Layton was even partly designed in response to Ace Attorney‘s outburst-prone defense attorney, Phoenix Wright. So it makes perfect sense to fans of both series that for the latest installment of the Layton, the good professor would join his peer in embracing the joys of fatherhood. (And thus, the dadification of games continues.)

Layton’s daughter isn’t content to remain a sidekick a la Trucy Wright, though. The adventurous yet calmly collected Catriel Layton (also rendered Catoriel, Catoliel, etc) is headlining the next Layton game, Lady Layton.

Due out next spring for Nintendo 3DS and smartphones, Lady Layton (reportedly subtitled “The Millionaire King Ariadne’s Plot”) sees Catriel setting up her own Layton Detective Agency, speaking with her talking dog companion, pointing meaningfully at London landmarks, and accusing a parrot (another thing she’ll have in common with the Wrights). Oh, and the puzzles. Lots of puzzles.

I think my favorite part of Lady Layton‘s reveal is her surprisingly mature voice, something I hope they carry over to the English voice casting. I don’t know if I’d warmed to her quite as quickly if she were portrayed as young and bubbly.

(And yes, I know her brother also headlined a Layton game in 2012, but that was smartphone-only and thus Is Not As Cool, OK.)

(h/t Tiny Cartridge.)