Pokemon Sun and Moon’s new Alola forms get psychedelic

As we approach Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s November launch, the Pokemon Company is continuing its steady dripfeed of revealed new critters, evolutions, and hu-mons.

Today’s reveal video (above) showcases the evolved form for Type: Null, a synthetic Pokemon able to change its ability type by holding a certain item, as well as the evolution chains for the lizardlike Jangmo-o and sentient lychee Bounsweet, who for some reason gets weirdly eroticized in their final form…? I dunno folks, wasn’t Gardevoir enough to satisfy you?

But older fans are definitely here for new Alola variant forms of first generation Pokemon, and boy, today’s are pretty out there. Not Exeggcutor out there, but I mean, come on. Grimer and Muk are a couple piles of self-aware mud clearly taking some amazing drugs.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon release on November 18th for Nintendo 3DS. A new demo is out October 18th and will feature an exclusive Greninja players will be able to import into the full game.