PAX Day One Recap: Battle Chefs, Cuphead, and Resident Evils, oh my!

PAX West is upon us, and Zam is there in the thick of it! While Kris and Laura handle the news desk from the home office, reviews editor Danielle Riendeau is in the field, getting the crud spooked out of her and battling rival chefs like a champ.

Here’s what you may’ve missed from the first day of PAX West!

Resident Evil VII in VR is actually amazing

Resident Evil VII‘s PAX demo in virtual reality figures out a common problem in VR, while maximizing the chills and thrills of a good tropey horror game.

“This is exactly what I want out of a VR horror game,” says Danielle. “Give me the theme park tricks, give me the spooky sounds and sense of confinement.” Read all about it here!

Cuphead, how do you look so perfect?

Kris spotted this gem of a gameplay demo showcasing co-op and boss action for upcoming Xbox One and Windows exclusive Cuphead. Even the best animation-inspired games tend to reveal the seams of being a digital creation, but for the life of us, we can’t spot any of those characteristic tells. How does Cuphead manage to look so consistently great?

Battle Chef Brigade is the fantasy Iron Chef you wanted

One of Adult Swim’s new offerings, Battle Chef Brigade pairs match-3 puzzles, RPG combat, and loot gathering into a scrumptious package. You know how Suikoden II‘s chef battles were the best part of a great game? Someone behind Battle Chef Brigade thought so too.

Read the rest of Danielle’s impressions here!

Rick and Morty VR is the best excuse for room scale VR

Virtual Rick-ality is early on, but it feels like something special. It’s fun and wacky and appropriately plunges you completely in a goofy world with beloved characters acting completely, well, in-character. It’s like a ride at Disneyland or Universal Studios, without all the other thousands of tourists in t-shirts ruining the vibe.

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