Paragon hits open beta today

Paragon has been in paid early access for a while now, with developer Epic Games steadily tweaking and refining its team-based combat into something ever-more solid and engaging. As of today, the free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) has entered open beta on PC and PlayStation 4, meaning anyone can sign up for an Epic Games account and get playing immediately.

Epic is planning an aggressive rollout of consistent new content with Paragon, with 20 playable characters distributed over six classes available right out the gate and a new one promised every three weeks once live. Like League of Legends, Paragon‘s characters run the gamut from fantastical to sci-fi. Like most MOBAs, you can plunk down a little real cash for cool add-ons and alternate costumes, but all of Paragon‘s paid-for addons are completely cosmetic, so there’s no pay-to-win strategy here.

This present open beta will no doubt see a great deal of further rebalancing and added/removed features as Epic learns what works and what doesn’t with a large base of players.

You can get started with Paragon by paying a visit to the official website and following download instructions for PC or PlayStation 4. Need an extra primer? Epic’s released a cool, quick beginner’s guide below.

Disclosure: Zam and Paragon developer Epic Games share a corporate parent. Epic Games has no control or input over Zam’s editorial.