Nvidia is releasing its own Fallout 4 mod to advertise its graphics cards

Fallout 4 may’ve seen its last DLC expansion release this week (our review is coming soon!) but that doesn’t mean the sun has set on its thriving fan mode scene. And while it’s less common for other companies to release unofficial mods, it seems to be a growing practice. With the recent release of its 1080 line of graphics cards, Nvidia has decided to partake in the practice, strutting its stuff with its very own Fallout 4 mod, “Vault 1080.”

“‘Vault 1080′ uses its terrifyingly realistic light and shadow as the core of its experience,” says Nvidia’s Steve Williams in a company post. “Volumetric lighting features extensively — in ways not seen in the standard game — while shadows are more realistic and velvety than ever. This is thanks to HBAO+ and its control of ambient occlusion, which creates authentic depths anywhere a light source is blocked, no matter how small or fleeting.”

It also has an original quest line, apparently, and seems fairly robust as mods go, as you can see from the trailer above. But certainly you should expect a mod from a creator of graphics cards and drivers to focus on elements which make those features shine. It releases in time for Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) this Friday, September 2nd.

My one question here is: is there a founders’ edition?