It seemed only just yesterday (in fact, a little over two months ago) when became ReadySet. Since then, we’ve been working under the hood to roll out the next phase of ReadySet’s relaunch.

To do that, we’re turning the old site (this one!) into a read-only archive. All the great reviews, guides, and questionable news pieces about vaping congressmen you know and love are still available on in perpetuity. For all new articles, head on over to While you’re there, enjoy our cute as heck new look and our small plates-, quick bites-style reviews, guides, and originals. We’re like a gastropub mixed with a bar arcade done up like a 60s rumpus room. Anyway, that’s what we told the designers.

“All this change is giving me anxiety,” you say. I know, me too. But change can be good, especially if it’s orange! Head on over to the new site now to experience it for yourself. The old articles will still be here when you get back. I promise.

Kris Ligman
Editor in Chief