No Man’s Sky facing down rocky launch on PC; critical patch for PS4 users incoming.

No Man’s Sky could easily have buckled under the tremendous hype and expectation placed upon it, but its launch on PlayStation 4 earlier this week went off with relatively few hitches, all considering. There are no major server outages, no critically missing features, and though a percentage of players have reported serious bugs, development studio Hello Games appears to be working swiftly to address them.

The same can’t be same about this morning’s launch on PC, however.

Rolling out just mere hours ago on Steam, No Man’s Sky is already deluged with negative reviews from customers upset about choppy framerate and crashes upon startup. PC players hoping for a smooth 60 frames-per-second on their machines are discovering they’re getting 30fps or less, and some are reporting momentary freezes as well.

In response, Hello Games has already pushed out a quick hotfix to address the most high-profile issue, for players without Microsoft’s Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 runtime library. Studio director Sean Murray has also responded to issues relating to players’ graphics drivers and card specifications, encouraging all users to ensure they have the most up-to-date drivers.

Meanwhile, Hello Games is also trying to put out the small-but-persistent fires in the PlayStation 4 version. In a site update this morning, Murray said the studio was aware of “a number of issues, bugs, and crashes” and that a patch was incoming to address the most critical of these, although he declined to give a timeline for the update besides the “near future.” Presumably this ball is in Sony’s court, as any console-based patch will have to go through its authentication before release.

Such is not the case on Steam, where Hello Games is able to push updates as frequently as it likes. However, designing games to perform as intended on PC can be a tremendous undertaking, with the near-infinite combinations of hardware, software, and peripherals that developers must account for turning into a major task even for large studios, which Hello Games definitely is not.

To help it deal with mounting customer issues, the studio is contracting with an outside quality assurance firm — a company larger than Hello Games itself — to handle customer feedback. It will also be rolling out a support ticket system starting next week.

The number of [players] and length of average play session has been far more than our small team could have anticipated,” Murray said as part of this morning’s post. “That said, we’re working quickly to adapt. We sincerely apologize to anyone affected in the meantime.”

Until the patch arrives, if you’re playing on PS4, the studio has some quick workarounds for some of the known issues you might be having, such as the preorder bonus ship Domanish S84 breaking the game for a small number of players.

As for PC users… hang in there! The universe will be your oyster soon enough.

(h/t Eurogamer, Polygon.)