Niantic hoping to lure players back to Pokemon Go with daily rewards

Pokemon Go experienced a surge in player activity as a result of its recent Halloween event, so it makes sense that developer Niantic would seek to further incentivize players back to its hit mobile app. Though we don’t have a firm release date on these updates yet, the new rewards system will offer daily and weekly ‘goals’ with XP and Stardust for participants.

Here’s how the new daily and weekly bonuses will shake out!

Your first Pokemon catch of the day will earn the following bonus:

  • 500 XP
  • 600 Stardust

Catching a Pokemon every day for seven days straight will earn the following larger bonus:

  • 2,000 XP
  • 2,400 Stardust

Your first visit to a PokeStop and spinning its picture will earn the following bonus:

  • 500 XP
  • A number of additional items

Visiting any PokeStop every day for seven days straight will earn the following larger bonus:

  • 2,000 XP
  • A greater number of additional items

Niantic notes you don’t have to wait a full 24 hours between events to receive the bonus: “If you catch a Pokemon at any time on Tuesday local time, you’ll be eligible for the next daily bonus on Wednesday at 12 AM local time,” the company says in a blog post outlining the upcoming update.

This won’t completely fix Pokemon Go‘s retention problem, but it should prove a suitable stopgap measure while the development team continues to build out some of the app’s promised but as yet unreleased features. Ideally, that would include a full reintroduction of the tracking system, or maybe trading or person-to-person battles. WHO KNOWS. But these bonuses should at least encourage players to start checking in daily, even for a small length of time.

Top image source: Kotaku.