New Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer doubles down on the danger

Today is November 7th, or “N7 Day,” an annual celebration and marketing bonanza for EA and BioWare’s Mass Effect franchise. This year, BioWare’s marked the occasion with a new promotional campaign for its upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, which takes the conventional sci-fi setting of the original trilogy and transplants it the action to a different quadrant of the universe, where humans are the invading aliens.

Most of what’s revealed in today’s trailer (above) is already known to us: our Milky Way protagonists awaken from hundreds of years in cryogenic suspension having arrived in the titular Andromeda galaxy only to find that Things Have Gone Wrong, and our hero(ine) is again fighting for their life. There are a few by-now familiar BioWare “stamps”: your character has a title, ‘The Pathfinder,’ and seemingly has some special ability or other Chosen One status that makes your leadership status a foregone conclusion; you lead a lovable cast of weirdos; things blow up and/or try to kill you.

One notable addition to Andromeda is that, unlike the original trilogy’s Commander Shepard, the female and male protagonists shown in videos both exist simultaneously — they’re siblings. The father is present as part of the game’s cast as well, and that’s his voice you hear in the above trailer, though it’s unknown how long he’ll survive in-game (this is BioWare we’re talking). Like all modern BioWare games, your protagonist is customizable, and presumably if you choose a decidedly non-white skin tone for your Ryder, your family will reflect that, a la Dragon Age II.

There’s a little more information about the cast and setting in the latest issue of Game Informer.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is positioned for a spring 2017 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.