Monster Hunter Generations’ New Monsters: Ranked

The initial release of Monster Hunter Generations may be a few months behind us now, with the game’s second wave of monthly DLC landing two Fridays ago. But what good is hunting monsters, when you can rank them instead?

Framed as more of a celebration of the past years’ history of the franchise, Generations did bring in — albeit only a few — new monsters. Using a super specific scientific secret ranking method (one that’s not at all arbitrary, we swear), we decided to rank the newbie mons this time around and see just who was the best of the rest.

A few notes: Deviants, other variant monsters, Larinoth, or little guys like the Moofah? Not eligible for the list. Sorry! Just brand new monsters this time around. Deal with it Dreadking, deal with it.

Also, there’s some end game spoilers as well, so if you haven’t fought Nakarkos yet, might want to wait. Bookmark this. The list will still be here. We promise. But let’s get to it. It’ll be a real monster mash.

7: Great Maccao

While it may be last on this list, the Great Maccao actually isn’t that bad of a monster. It’s no Qurupeco, that’s for sure, but as a low tier, starter monster, things could be a lot worse.

The Maccao’s whole vibrant coloring and parrot motif works, it’s just up against a lot of stiff competition from the rest of the list. Even if it does have some pretty cool music.

6: Mizutsune

Now, if what I’ve read is true, Japan’s Monster Hunter fans may be already crying blasphemy. Mizutsune — the flowery dragon that attacks with… yup, bubbles — certainly plays to Japanese sensibility, incorporating elements of Japanese mythology into its nomenclature and armor design.

The bubbles, however, are where my problem lies, I think. I’m far from against monsters having unique and new status effects, but bubbles? It’s one thing to have monsters inflict viruses or other such statuses, but actually giving them the ability to produce soap is just a little odd and unnatural. What’s next, a monster that can shoot microwave rays and turn hunters into well done burritos?

Joking aside, Mizutsune might be a case where the monster’s abilities actually bring down the design as a whole. Did it really need to be able to blow bubbles? Nah. I don’t think so.

5: Nakarkos

Now this is where things start to get tricky. On the one hand, Nakarkos does make an impression during its first encounter, with it being essentially a giant, writhing skeleton-like monstrosity and all. It’s bony and weird and grim and pokey.

But, once you fight it again and it turns out that beneath that skeleton is a squid, well, it’s a bit of a disappointment. Oh? Just a squishy little fish? No biggie.

I’m torn. By itself, the idea of a giant kraken monster is one I can get behind, but it really felt like a bait and switch, where the end result was something that could be served on a plate as some calamari. Orders up!

4: Astalos

Now, if you had told me that an electric dragon with a flashy green and yellow color scheme was going to rank low on my list, I’d probably tell you you were crazy.

Astalos — another one of the “Fated Four” flagship monsters for Generations — has a lot of things going for it. But in the end, I never ended up making its armor, passing it over for other stuff along my questing.

I think it might be because it somewhat gets lost in the shuffle with all the other “dragon-like” monsters that the series has already. I mean, its name is even close to Rathalos! It just doesn’t stand out enough on its own, even though it does have pretty cool electric butterfly wings. Sorry Astalos. Moving on….

3: Malfestio

I’ve seen threads on both sides of the Malfestio debate, but let’s settle it once and for all. Malfestio is quite a cool cat…err, bird, and managed to fly past not only the game’s “final” boss, but also one of the flagship monsters to claw its way into the top three.

Not too shabby for an owl. But this isn’t your every day Hedwig, Harry.

No, instead Malfestio is a giant blue owl that can cause all sorts of crazy ailments to players. Annoying? Sure, at times, it can be. Doesn’t take away from the design this time, though. I’m not sure if it’s the bright blue fathers that really sell me on it (but the color pallet is quite good), or just the fact that Malfestio is a bad ass owl with an overall great design.

Either way, Melfestio is awesome. Hop off owl haters, hop off.

2: Glavenus

Just because it’s a rex, doesn’t always mean it’s king.

I actually do like Glavenus quite a bit— I just don’t love it. I don’t want to bring it back home to my parents to show off, you know what I mean?

I’m am, however, always on board with adding more dinosaur-like monsters to the mix, and the feisty Deviljho did need some companionship in the Monster Hunter T-Rex Club.

But there’s still something about Glavenus that just feels a bit off to me. The whole “using its tail to start fire” idea requires a bit of a suspension of belief that I think is right up against the line of what makes sense in the universe (and yeah, I know, Brachydios doesn’t bother me for some reason). The sword tail itself just feels like an extension of one weird idea – “Why not just have a big T-Rex with a sword tail?” – that ends up not fitting as well as it could. So, Glavenus ends up being one of those close, but not entirely there yet designs for me.

And if you are keen, you’ve already realized through process of elimination with monster is taking home the monster crown.

1: Gammoth

Boom. Gammoth — who might not have the most original name, being essentially “mammoth” with the letter G smashed on the front of it — takes the championship this time around.

Why? I mean, if I have to spell it out for you: It’s a giant freaking wooly mammoth. It may be somewhat simple compared to some of the competitors, but that’s not by itself a bad thing. You get what you came for: A giant mammoth that is going to try to cover you in ice and walk all over you.

In other words, ice reigns supreme this time around. The Starks would be proud. Winter is coming, and Gammoth just might be the one bringing it.