Life is Strange returns with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

As a standalone interquel between DONTNOD’s Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange 2, The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit sounds like a great idea. This short and free game is designed as a lore-loaded appetizer that’s heavily tied to Life is Strange 2. In fact, your actions will affect how Life is Strange 2 plays out. Think of it as an unorthodox “Episode 0” to this upcoming sequel.

Its protagonist, Chris is a lonely 10 year-old, notably younger than your average Life is Strange character. Rather than being preoccupied with the types of teen troubles that Chloe Price and Max Caulfield encountered, Chris spends his days with his active imagination as the title hero, bending matter to his will. There’s a mild degree of customization, where you can decide how Captain Spirit looks from donning helmets and masks and light or dark armor. His healthy imagination includes interactions with made-up friends and superhero-like environmental interactions. It’s an endearing existence, no doubt motivated by the implication that Chris’ dad may not be an ideal father, the kind who drinks beer for breakfast. The fact that his dad plays along with Chris’ creative ways proves an intriguing relationship. You’ll also be able to infer where Chris’ absent mother is in all this.

This new perspective also means that you don’t need to play the original Life is Strange to appreciate The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Yet series fans–especially those with videographic memories–will be treated to a ton references to Life is Strange. One such nod is a namedrop of Blackwell Academy, the school from Life is Strange. It just so happens that Chris’ mom donated heavily to the school’s art fund. And although Captain Spirit should take only a couple hours to complete, you might be spending a couple more exploring into order to spot all the series’ references.

This free game will be available June 26 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

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