Legion is World of Warcraft’s most successful expansion since Cataclysm

World of Warcraft‘s latest major content expansion, Legion, launched on August 30th to a warm reception, and it seems that’s bearing out in the numbers. Developer/publisher Blizzard has announced that it has sold through 3.3 million copies of Legion, tying it with the record set by 2010’s expansion Cataclysm.

When Cataclysm released, World of Warcraft was sitting atop the MMO world with around 12 million subscribers. Its numbers have fallen considerably since then, with the most recently reported figure (from November 2015) coming in at 5.5 million subscribers. Still a hefty figure for any online game, to be sure, and if you added in fans playing on unlicensed “vanilla” servers like the recently-shuttered Nostralius you’d get a higher number still — but there’s no denying that WoW’s captive audience is not what it once was.

Nevertheless, to sell through 3.3 million copies on Legion strongly suggests a wave of new adoptees, in addition to returning players. That’s good news for Blizzard, which announced in November of last year that it would no longer be publicizing WoW subscriber numbers at all.

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(h/t GameSpot, Polygon.)