League of Legends goes full anime with new Star Guardian skins

You gotta hand it to League of Legends, it just takes a theme and runs with it. The previously released Star Guardian Lux skin now has a whole team of offbrand Sailor Scouts to call her own, and their outfits are just as candy-colored and frilly as you might hope.

The video above goes one further, however, and gives our magical girls an entire backstory and opening theme song. Riot’s even released an entire subsite with character profiles, ability videos, and even a personality quiz to determine which Star Guardian best represents you. Ahh, so 90s! Can this be an actual spinoff?

Star Guardian Lux as well as newcomer Star Guardians Poppy, Lulu, and Janna can each be purchased for 1,350 Riot Points through the League of Legends store. Star Guardian Jinx will run you a little extra, going for 1,820 RP.

Disclosure: Zam and League of Legends developer Riot share a corporate parent. Riot has no control over our editorial. I’m just personally a huge sucker for high-femme superheroines.