Just Cause 4 hands-on

No game series quite combines the unique freeform destructive mayhem as the Just Cause series. Even though it wasn’t that long ago that Just Cause 3 came out, Square Enix and Avalanche Studios believes that we’re ready for Rico Rodriguez’s fourth death defying adventure. This time around, Rodriguez’s “Army of Chaos” faces off against the rival Black Hand faction.

Powered by Avalanche’s latest version of the Apex Engine, Just Cause 4 finds Rico in the fictional South American city of Solis. It’s of no surprise that this is the largest Just Cause map yet. This world is roughly split into 4 biomes, each showcasing extreme weather systems: blizzard, sandstorm, thunderstorm, and tornado. It’s not just natural occurrences, though. Tornados, for example, can be controlled by The Black Hand, using guns that blow air to control the path of the tornado. That can be catastrophic when aircraft is involved.

Not to mess with a good thing, much of the series’ staples return, the centerpiece being the grappling hook, of course. This empowering gadget has been updated with a number of customization options. Features include retraction, air lifting, and booster. Moreover, you’ll be able to save your three favorite custom grapple hook loadouts.

Naturally, this and other tools of destruction will allow for lots of frontline combat, where you can swing by and just fight a crapload of people if you wish. Reminiscent of the many Ubisoft open world games, victories over rival faction pushes your frontline forward.

We’re certain we’ll learn more about Just Cause 4 before it ships for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on December 4, 2018.

So what’s your favorite personal Just Cause moment? We’ll have more E3 coverage for you all week long on our Facebook page!