If NieR: Automata’s combat is too much, it’ll do the fighting for you

NieR: Automata will take over combat for you through a new ‘auto mode.’

Auto mode assumes control over your playable character to execute attacks and evasive moves, and the AI can be tailored to only perform certain actions. While it doesn’t sound sophisticated enough to completely obviate the player’s participation (especially during bosses, some of which employ ‘bullet hell’-like mechanics and certainly require more strategy than blocking and hitting), it can be helpful in taking the pressure off if you’re finding combat too stressful, or just want a break to enjoy the (amazing) music a little. Think of it like the autobattling system available in some other RPGs.

Also, while auto mode is nominally a feature exclusive to NieR: Automata‘s easiest difficulty, the player can toggle between difficulties at will, so it’s never far out of reach if you find you need a breather!

NieR: Automata is due out early 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC. You can have a look at some fresh new gameplay footage from the Tokyo Game Show in the video below!

(h/t Siliconera.)