How to get all three mission bones in Russian Subway Dogs Level 3-3

Russian Subway Dogs is a deceptively simple game. Once you get into the later levels, crossing off all three mission objectives to unlock new levels starts to get much trickier.

So let’s try to tackle one of the tougher challenges, and break down how to get all three mission bones in Level 3-3: “Vodka and Poodles and Bears Oh My!”

Silence is Golden

Even though it’s actually the third objective, let’s start with the objective which tasks the player with finishing the entire level without barking once. At first glance, this flies in the face of playing the game the way it’s designed, but you can do it!

Bears are key. They walk slowly unless they’ve been burned twice, which gets them running. Keep your health bar in mind: move in front of a bear to make it swipe a vodka-holder and torch the bear. Three burns will give you a Bear-B-Q which nets you enough bear meat to fill up for about 20 seconds.

Some additional ursine tips:

Bears always turn around after they’re done swiping. Use this to your advantage and shepherd the bear closer to large groups of potential food-depots. Keep an eye on your health, since it’s likely you won’t be getting much of it for this objective. Same goes for points: don’t let poodles eat your food because they’ll steal back points, and you’ll need 3000 to open the train doors at the end.

Triple White Russian

I know you’re probably tempted to try to knock out all three objectives in the same run, but you shouldn’t tackle the next two objectives without barking. It makes things a lot more difficult.

Our next objective is to hit three poodles with a single vodka explosion. Unfortunately, there can be luck involved, as it’s always tough to gauge what arc a bottle will take once its airborne. I was able to get this one with about 20 seconds to spare before the end, but pay attention to the last handful of seconds: I spotted upwards of 10 poodles onscreen at once. If you play your cards right and keep enough poodles around for the end, you’ll be able to nab this one pretty easily.

Bear Bones

The third objective tasks you with eating a bear rib. If you haven’t already nabbed a Mega Bear-B-Q, this one might seem vague.

First, you’ll need to fatten up a bear. The easiest way to do this is to have a bear swipe at a man holding a bag of vegetables, then bark at the bear to stun it. Once it’s back up, it’s likely to eat the veggies in front of it, but will turn around and eat any that ended up behind it as well.

You only need to feed it a few before burning it three times, the same way you do for a regular Bear-B-Q. Mega Bear-B-Qs give you a little more meat but only one bear rib; be quick to grab it so that any stray poodles can’t.

With a little practice, these tips will help you play Russian Subway Dogs in the more unusual ways this level and its objectives demand. Level 3-3 was by far the most difficult level for me to wrap my head around, but breaking it down step-by-step really helped me to get over that hurdle.

Dogspeed, and remember, glory to the Meowtherland!