Horses in Battlefield 1 are virtually immortal

If you’ve ever spent any time around horses, you know they can be nervous, highly opinionated creatures, like cats with the size and strength to crush your bones. They also frighten easily: you hear all sort of stories of horses turning tail at the sight of fire, or bolting at the sound of gunshots; I once dated an equestrian whose horse died of a heart attack induced from loud fireworks, poor girl.

Despite this, horses are some of the most reliable non-motorized modes of transport humans have access to, meaning we’ve used them as war mounts for literally thousands of years. So, obviously, they play a large role in EA DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 1, which is set during World War I — but unlike the real deal, DICE seems to have gone out of its way to make horses nigh on indestructible, and pretty fearless, to boot. Here’s a video of a horse nonchalantly minding their own business while a player bombs a successively deeper crater beneath their hooves:

Heather Alexandra (formerly of Zam, now at Kotaku) reports only one confirmed death of a horse, and it required a tank. Meanwhile, as offensive vehicles, horses seem to offer the agility of a motorcycle with the crushing power of an armored snowplow. Just look at this horse effortlessly trampling everything that gets in their way:

They don’t even need the advantage of height or momentum apparently, even a light forward trot seems enough to cream your opponents, if your sword won’t do. Oh, and here’s a horse with a flamethrower:

What a time to be alive.

Battlefield 1 is due out on October 21st for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. It’s currently in open beta, so you can canter on over here to learn how to get in on that.

(h/t Kotaku.)