Horizon: Zero Dawn still looks incredible

Horizon: Zero Dawn is increasingly a game that sounds ridiculous on paper, but looks stunning in action. Post-apocalyptic redhead with bad dredlocks taking on robot dinosaurs? It’s beyond silly, and a name like “Horizon: Zero Dawn” doesn’t help. But just watch it and tell me these aren’t some of the most stunning, fully-realized robotic animals you’ve ever seen.

In the above video — showcased today at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting press event, to show off the hardware behind its new PS4 Pro — we get a good look at our self-narrating protagonist taking down a mechanical brontosaurus (yes, I know those don’t exist anymore, whatever, they can still exist as robots) many times her size, like some sort of biomechanical Shadow of the Colossus. Sign me the hell up.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is currently slated for a February 2017 release as an exclusive on PlayStation 4.