Here, have a listen to the song CHVRCHES composed for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

To maintain momentum for its upcoming June launch, the folks at EA DICE have unveiled Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst‘s new main theme, “Warning Call.”

Composed and performed by Scottish indie synth group CHVRCHES, who’ve been turning up in my DJ friends’ setlists with increasing frequency for the last two years or so, “Warning Call” is simultaneously energetic and ethereal, poppy and nostalgic — which makes it a perfect match for Mirror’s Edge‘s brightly chromatic dystopia.

Go ahead and have a listen for yourself with the embedded track above. If you’re not yet into CHVRCHES (no shame in that; I’m a fairly new to them myself), it might just convert you.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 9th. Check out our gameplay video here!