Happy Dreamcast Day! Here’s a bundle just for you

There was a time when I could recite the Dreamcast’s hardware specs to anyone who would listen (and a good many who weren’t interested). I subscribed to the official magazine, back in that barbaric time when we still printed games journalism on trees. When Sega announced it was suspending support for the Dreamcast and going third party, I might’ve sent the company’s customer support several emotional emails.

Imagine my surprise upon becoming an adult to find out that I wasn’t alone: there were a lot of people who dearly loved, and sorely miss, the Dreamcast. The amount of ink — digital and corporeal — that has been spilled in tribute to Sega’s last home console is by this point incalculable.

The 9.9.99 Dream Bundle — named for the Dreamcast’s U.S. launch date, September 9th, 1999 — collects the best of these tributes, including Zoyander Street’s Dreamcast Worlds, a virtual reality tribute to Rez, and music by Christa Lee. It’s a small, heartfelt thing, lovingly home-grown, and perfect for anyone nostalgic for the dearly departed machine. It will run you — appropriately! — $9.99, although you can kick in a little extra, if you wish to support the creators.

Happy 17th birthday, Dreamcast!

Disclosure: I was an early adopter of Zoya Street’s Dreamcast Worlds paperback edition. Zoya also has my old senior curator job over at Critical Distance, a website unconnected to Zam.