Geared Up! Zarya’s Particle Cannon

Overwatch isn’t what anyone would call a strictly realistic shooter, what with all the lasers and floating androids and stuff. But that didn’t stop this intrepid group of designers from making an extremely lifelike — and absurdly dangerous — real-life version of Zary’a Particle Cannon.

Created by sci-fi/fantasy weapon crafters The Hacksmith, this Particle Cannon replica uses a Class 4 industrial CO2 laser, capable of searing through small objects and setting whole campfires(!) ablaze(!!). Most of its exterior is 3D-printed plastic, but that doesn’t stop the whole weapon from clocking in at a whopping 70 pounds. This is definitely not the sort of thing you want to haul around for your next cosplay meet-up.

Let’s be honest though, Zarya is a total dreamboat, and if it’s not possible to date her, you can at least cuddle her Particle Cannon at night and dream, right? Just, uh, make sure you keep the safety on.

Check out the full creation video here, and be sure to head on over to Zam Video for more Geared Up! featurettes.