Geared Up! Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier

Overwatch’s most charismatic support character isn’t known for dealing out damage, but his Sonic Amplifier gun is still ripe for real-life prop-ification, especially if you want to blast some tunes in style.

The creation of UK-based Youtuber Simone, who crafts everything from Hearthstone trophies to flip-flops, this life-sized Sonic Amplifier took about 100 hours just to create the 3D-printed base, which was then sanded and painted to resemble the rare Golden Gun edition. It even features a working speaker!

As brought-to-life Overwatch weapons go, this one is slightly less lethal than Tracer’s airsoft pistols and Zarya’s literal actual laser gun, so it might make the perfect accessory for your next cosplay — well, if you have 100 hours and a 3D printer to spare.

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