Friday tidbits: Summer of game jams, Resident Evil VII’s useless finger, and more

Hullo everyone! We’re coming to the end of another week here at Zam, and what a week it’s been! Game of Thrones concluded its sixth season, Overwatch is now more popular than League of Legends in South Korea, and fighting game tournament Evo announced it will air its Street Fighter V finals live on actual freakin’ ESPN.

Not everything can make the headlines, though. So let’s pause to have a look at some of the stories which fell through the cracks this week!

  • Overwatch pays tribute to deceased fan: On May 23rd, 20-year-old Wu Hongyu of Guangzhou died tragically trying to chase down a thief. His city has memorialized him as an “Honored Citizen,” but Blizzard has responded too, after it came to light in a chatlog that Hongyu was very much looking forward to Overwatch‘s launch in the hours before his untimely death. An astronaut’s suit found in the Control Center map of Lijiang Tower (above) now bears Hongyu’s family name, as well as (the Chinese rendition of) Mercy’s catchphrase, “Heroes Never Die.”
  • In less somber Overwatch updates, the basketballs found on some maps now explode into confetti. I’m still not sure why.
  • If you blinked sometime in the last 48 hours, you probably missed XCOM 2 rolling out its latest DLC, “Shen’s Last Gift.” This add-on deals with XCOM engineer Lily Shen and a project bequeathed by her deceased father, who served as the player’s chief engineer in the previous game. The DLC also introduces a new character class, a highly-modifiable MEC unit called SPARK. The DLC will run you $9.99 on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  • And here’s something completely different: Famicase, an online gallery of dubious Japanese Famicom (NES) cartridges. I’m partial to this (I’m sure completely legitimate) copy of Snatcher, personally.

  • Still trying to tease out some of the last secrets in the Resident Evil VII demo? Don’t worry too much about that severed finger: Capcom’s confirmed it’s completely useless.
  • Last, looking for some cool new games to mitigate the heat this weekend?, while best known as an alternative storefront for independent games, also facilitates game jams — and a lot of them wrapped up at the end of June! Here are four jams and their resulting galleries of games for your perusal:

That’s it from here at Zam! In case it wasn’t clear, yes, we’ll be out of the office this coming Monday for the 4th of July holiday. But you might see some new stories go live anyway, if you happen to drop by! Otherwise, stay safe, have a bucket of water nearby if you’re setting anything on fire, and we’ll see you Tuesday!