Friday tidbits: giant Overwatch action figures, gettin’ hitched in Fire Emblem, and more

Another exciting week is wrapping up for us here at ZAM! The Tetris movie was announced as the first of a trilogy; Blizzard called upon Twitch and fans to deal with racist comments made toward pro players, and the beleaguered World Esports Association continues to struggle through PR hell. Here are some smaller morsels we thought were too good to pass up.

  • Giant Overwatch action figures like the one above (photo credit: Mowtendoo) have begun to pop up all over the world ahead of the game’s global May 24th release. Fans on Reddit are hard at work compiling photos of each discovered statue, and I should reiterate that these things are HUGE, weighing a reported 3 tons and requiring a forklift and crane for installation. So, don’t expect to see them in your local toys-for-grownups shops anytime soon.
  • Speaking of Overwatch, this video recently released to the public on the GDC Vault goes into fine detail on the animation techniques which give Overwatch‘s heroes their unique charm. If you’re an animation nerd interested in seeing what Blizzard’s top talent is doing to put it on a level with Disney and Pixar, this is your jam. (h/t Kotaku.)
  • The developer behind 2014’s critically-acclaimed mobile hit Monument Valley has revealed that the game has brought in more than $14 million in its two years since release. That’s a lot of love for the Escher-inspired, non-Euclidean puzzle game. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it.
  • Kotaku’s discovered a hilarious little Easter egg in the recent Fallout 4 “Far Harbor” DLC. Let’s just say it’s a wonderful, and subtle pay-off for a gag you might’ve come across months ago in the main game!
  • Amanita Design has released a new video (below) on the development process behind Samorost 3‘s sound design and music. Amanita’s games are always a lush auditory experience — we liked Samorost 3‘s soundtrack so much we included it in our March soundtrack roundup — so if you ever wanted to learn more about how the sausage is made, this is a great introduction.
  • The unofficial fan-created patch to add more marriage options in Fire Emblem Fates is coming along beautifully, and has just released a new downloadable release with loads and loads of new same-sex as well as straight marriage options. Now, be warned: this romhack isn’t endorsed by Nintendo, and you run the risk of bricking your 3DS if you install things incorrectly. I can’t officially encourage you to try it out, given all that. But if this is something up your alley — and it’s certainly a thing many Fire Emblem fans have been clamoring for since Fates‘s release — then this is available for you.
  • Lastly: you have never been as happy about anything in the world as this woman with her new Chewbacca mask.

Have a pleasant weekend! As Iniglazlow would say (in his best Cary Elwes): stay safe out there!