Fortnite is out TODAY on the Nintendo Switch

Fortnite — a game so popular that school teachers around the world have tried to ban it — is at last coming to the Nintendo Switch. Not, like, next year, or a week from now. Today.

Nintendo officially confirmed the launch during today’s E3 Nintendo Direct, rolling out a shiny new trailer showcasing all the different ways Epic Games is hoping you’ll enjoy Fortnite-ing on the Switch. It does come with a few caveats, though: while Nintendo Switch players can enjoy matches with players on Xbox One, PC, and Mac, PlayStation 4 players are (seemingly arbitrarily) excluded. We’re sorry for any ruined friendships with your PS4 buddies this may cause.

Additionally, there are not currently plans for any Nintendo-exclusive content, so those hoping for special cosmetic items to celebrate launching on the fastest-selling console in history are going to feel let down. That said, after Fortnite’s Avengers tie-in last month, we’d wager that anything is possible in the long term. Including maybe healing this sorrowful rift between Switch and PS4 players.

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